Kaaterskill Actors Theater & Schoharie Creek Players present

In December, 1940, a east-bound cross-country train carries the bodies of the great American writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nathaniel West from Los Angeles to New York.  Also  on board (and very much alive) is May, a young woman engrossed in her book and her dreams of becoming a missionary.   She reluctantly shares her seat with a charming young pilot, Raleigh, who is coming back from L.A., stunned by a piece of bad news. 

Sparks fly, feelings are bruised and the prospect of war shadows everything as the train carries these two innocents to their separate destinations (and beyond).  Filled with humor and pathos, this play is bound to touch the hearts of everyone who sees it.  A fierce and funny portrait of two headstrong people in search of happiness, this romantic comedy has played to critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival, Off-Broadway and at hundreds of theatres across the United States.


"Nibroc's jokes are funny and its couple endearing because their emotional struggles ring true."  Time Out New York

"Let your guard down for even a few seconds and they've got you... you could easily enjoy another few hours of this."  N.Y. Times

"The writing is luminous."  Los Angeles Times

"A character study that has originality and charm... Hutton's attention (to character and period), plus her wonderfully authentic ear, auger well for her plays to come."  BackStage

"It's beautifully written... every line is a heartbeat."  Financial Times

"Last Train to Nibroc is a reminder of the impermanence and beauty of life and love and nudges us to grab it all when, where and however we can."  D.C. Theatre Scene

"Too funny and hardheaded to be merely sentimental."  Dallas Morning News

"90 minutes of romance."  ​Variety

This event is made possible in part with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the NYS Council on the Arts, administered in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants program.